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Hiring Licensed Agents

We are looking for an Exceptional Agent, Is that you??

Have you thought about pursuing a career as a real estate agent? If so, did you know that 85 and Sunny Real Estate is looking for an Exceptional Real Estate Agents?? I bet you didn't!

The Plan consists of split, annual company dollar cap, loyalty program, school reimbursement.

There continues to be:

    • No Fees on transactions
    • E&O insurance
    • Office usage
    • No technology fees

    Company will continue to offer limited online advertising for all listings, Broker support on all listings, as well as provide an email address, and technical support to all agents that need it.

    Company will continue to offer shared office resources including: computers, phone, copy/fax machine, and materials to all agents on shared/as needed basis.

    We will also continue to have escrow accounts and provide Commission Checks on same schedule as before (same day/next day).

    Call us and let us know if you have any questions at 321-254-1330